Crazy Mother Cooker - beware

'Cuz he's got a kitchen and he's not affraid to use it.
Cu alte cuvinte, Florin (Fry), pe care-l bombaneam eu ceva mai jos ca s-a lasat de blogging, a revenit la sentimente mai bune si went online with his food related tips & tricks. Si-a deschis acum cateva zile blogul Crazy Mother Cooker, unde stiu sigur ca se vor strage multe multe chestii delicioase. Ffs, doar a facut homemade sushi. Need I say more?!

Din pacate acum, sfaturile lui de cooking & his witty comments vor fi out in the open pentru toata lumea and I won't feel special anymore, but it's for a greater cause, I guess... like fame & glory :))